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Professional Skills

  • Web Development:
    Html 5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery

  • Game Development:
    C#, Objective-c, Swift, OpenGL(shader), Javascript, ActionScript

  • Motion Graphics:
    Flows, Personas, Scenarios, Storyboards, Journey maps, Wireframes

  • Illustration:
    Typograph, Hand drawing, Computer graphics

  • Music:
    Remixed, Sound Effects
  • Ting Zhao


    | About |
    Ting Zhao is a UI/UX Designer, Front-end Developer and also a Motion Graphics Designer.

    She studied multi-media and got her bachelor degree from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, China. Then she pursued her study further with a Master, Visual Communication Design at Rochester Institute of Technology, 2012. After transferred to Parsons The New School of Design, she completed her master's degree in Design and Technology, May 2016.

    She put her passion in building state-of-the-art, easy to use, user-friendly websites and applications.

    | Awards |
    1. Second-class scholarship provided by LUXUN Academy of Fine Arts, 2007-2008
    2. Excellent College Student of 2008 issued by The Department of Education of Shenyang
    3. Model Student of LUXUN Academy of Fine Arts 2009-2010
    4. Graphic works: “Flower Young Taipei” for Taipei Int'l Flora Expo held in 2010 won the Award of Excellence in the nationwide Fine Arts Cup Art Exhibition for fine arts majors of the institutions of higher learning.
    5. Illustration: “Expectations” won Top Prize in the Portfolio of the First National University Art Design and Works Grand Prix issued by China Education Foundation 2010
    6. Animated Advertisement: “Merry Beas” won Times Young Creative Awards 2010

    | Publications |
    1. “Expectations”. in Selected Works of the First Fine Arts and Design Competition from Teachers and Students of Institutes of Higher Learning, Volume of Liaoning and Jilin Provinces, North United Media Corporation, Ltd., Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House, 2011. 322
    2. “Flower Young Taipei”. Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Education, Liaoning Province, Journal of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. 2010 (6) 14
    3. “Reflections on the Art of Illustration”. ART PANORAMA, Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House, 2010 (11) 49
    4. “On the Significance of Creativity for Graphic Design”. ART PANORAMA, Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House, 2010 (5) 100

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